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Decoration and Cutomized jars and bottles

You can order decorative bottles and jars from us and you can tell us exactly how you would like your jars to be and what message you would like on them.

We can have art works on them and any design you would like on them.

Here are some samples of our decorative jars and bottles

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Glass Bottles

You can order lovely glass bottles for your oils, sauces, and cocktails

                                                                 N8,700 for 10 (250ml)

N17,000 for 10 (250ml)
N5,400 for 4 -(250ml)


PET jars are very durable and affordable. they are light weight plastics and they look like glass.
They are also food grade and BPA free.

They can have so many uses.

These are the ones available in our Lagos section you can order other types.
slim 200ml PET jars N9000 for 100

250ml Aluminium lid PET jar N6,000 for 10

                                          black and white lid 250ml PET jars N 5,500 for 10

Peanut butter jar(yellow lid) N15,000 FOR 100 - new reduced price
1litre PET Jar N 25,000 for 100
jars being used for customer's black soap

For more enquiries please email us follow us @dulchesupplies on instagram


PET bottles are very durable and affordable. they are light weight plastics and they look like glass.
They are also food grade and BPA free.

These are the ones we have available in our Lagos section, you can order other designs from our other sections and we will let you know their prices.

Available in Lagos

These unique bottles can be used for sauces, oils, and many other liquids, you can get them with white covers. They are 200ml.
They cost N4,000 for 50.
There are also square PET bottles for the same price.

For more information please send us an email or follow us on instagram @dulchesupplies.

Boston Bottles

We have some Boston bottles available to order and pick up at our pick up point within 3-5 days.


N7,500 for 100

N9,000 for 100

how some of our customers have used them 

For more enquiries please send u an email and follow us on instagram @dulchesupplies

Measuring your jars and bottles

When you want to buy a jar for your jams, sauce, honey or candles, it is important to know how many grams or litres you would like to portion your items into.
When you decide and work out the price, then it makes it easier for you to choose the appropriate jar or bottle.

The liquid measurement in in litres and sometimes a 1 litre jar can hold 1kg it all depends on the size and weight of what you are putting into your jar or bottle.

Always find out more about your measurements before you place your order.

You can buy a measuring jug fill it with water to the exact ml you want and pour it into a jar to decide how many ml you would like to buy. 

Here i a picture of some jars and a 1 litre bottle and how they look in relation to each other.

from the smallest to the biggest we have 100ml, 250ml, 330ml, 400ml, 500ml and a 1 litre bottle.

For more inquiries please follow us @dulchesupplies on instagram or email us

Some ideas on how to use your jars

There are so many fun ways to use jars. this weekend I was feeling creative so I tried a few things
first I tried using my jars for infused water with lemons and strawberries

Then I used one of the jars for my flowers, they are amazing vases!

I had some lovely scented candles so I used some for an amazing centerpiece arrangement 

for more ideas and inspiration follow us on instagram @dulchesupplies for inquiries email us