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Boston Bottles

We have some Boston bottles available to order and pick up at our pick up point within 3-5 days.


N7,500 for 100

N9,000 for 100

how some of our customers have used them 

For more enquiries please send u an email and follow us on instagram @dulchesupplies

Measuring your jars and bottles

When you want to buy a jar for your jams, sauce, honey or candles, it is important to know how many grams or litres you would like to portion your items into.
When you decide and work out the price, then it makes it easier for you to choose the appropriate jar or bottle.

The liquid measurement in in litres and sometimes a 1 litre jar can hold 1kg it all depends on the size and weight of what you are putting into your jar or bottle.

Always find out more about your measurements before you place your order.

You can buy a measuring jug fill it with water to the exact ml you want and pour it into a jar to decide how many ml you would like to buy. 

Here i a picture of some jars and a 1 litre bottle and how they look in relation to each other.

from the smallest to the biggest we have 100ml, 250ml, 330ml, 400ml, 500ml and a 1 litre bottle.

For more inquiries please follow us @dulchesupplies on instagram or email us

Some ideas on how to use your jars

There are so many fun ways to use jars. this weekend I was feeling creative so I tried a few things
first I tried using my jars for infused water with lemons and strawberries

Then I used one of the jars for my flowers, they are amazing vases!

I had some lovely scented candles so I used some for an amazing centerpiece arrangement 

for more ideas and inspiration follow us on instagram @dulchesupplies for inquiries email us
Please read our terms and conditions. To go ahead with delivery means you must agree with our terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

●Delivery charge must be paid before items are dispatched. 

●Delivery charges include shipping and service charges

●All payment must be made (including delivery charge) on items can be picked up.

●All items will be ready for pick up at our pick-up point at Ikoyi Lagos. 

●All items will be delivered to our pick up point in Ikoyi.

●If you are within Lagos and you would like items to be delivered to your doorstep extra charges will be incurred

● Please visit manufacturer's website if you need any information on how to operate any of the gadgets or machines

●if any damages occur while your items are with us we will let you know and replace them

●Once items have been picked up in good condition there will be no returns. 

●We will not take responsibility for items once they have been picked up. 

●Once your items are ready for pick up we will give you our Lagos

Glass jars

We have a variety of glass jars.

The jars are in various categories based on how long it will take to get to you.

The jars that our from our French or UK batch take longer because of shipping. The shipping costs are included so they cost more.

Due to the fact that the jars are glass they are heavy and since shipping cost is based on the weight as well it may seems to cost a lot, but we have found ways to get the best deals for you and so for our French batch you get it very cheap compared to our UK batch.

The ball jars are currently at our pick up point N5,500 for 10

The gold lid jars are currently at our pick up point N4,000 for 10

The gingham/checked lid jars are N4,000 for 10

The jars with lids will take 3-5 days to get to our Lagos pick up point they are N14,000 for 20.

                                                                           The polkadot lid jars with handles and a chalkboard tag are N25,500 for 20

The medium clip top jars will take 3-5 days to get to our Lagos p…


We want to say,

Thank you so much for all your support!!!!

We are here to make your shopping experience easier.

We supply jars, bottles, decorations, party supplies and baking supplies and would be posting more information on our supplies and their uses.

Many people have asked questions about our various supplies and we hope we can answer such questions here.

Please send us an email for inquires and visit our instagram page @dulchesupplies